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Complete residential and commercial services at your convenience is one phone call or form submission away. We take pride in providing you with the highest grade materials with a high level of attention to detail, to ensure long lasting, beautiful and quality results at fair prices. Long term solutions are readily available in the Nassau County and Suffolk County areas and we have a multiple crews of a completely committed and dedicated team. Led by the expertise of our on site supervisors, we operate at a high level and bring it every single day. Here are some of the specific types of work that we do

Complete installations, replacements and repairs are available to you. Get started with your no obligation, free estimate within 24 hours. Click to call or submit your info int he contact form.

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Your one stop shop located conveniently near you delivering the absolute highest quality of work, character, materials and more. It is our mission to do the best concrete work in your neighborhood on a consistent basis. Our work speaks for itself, with over 20 years in the business helping residential and commercial owners amazing results. Let’s take a quick deep dive on why you should choose us

Be sure to inquire about our seasonal specials as we have constant promotions for the best concrete contractors long island have to offer. We are happy to learn more about you and guide you on your path to a successful project. We treat your home like it is ours and we are excited to help the next local customer.

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Long Island Concrete work that is completely licensed and insured in both counties and all of the towns. Set the foundation for long term success, happiness, quality and peace of mind with us. We welcome all project types, ranging from small jobs to large jobs. It does not matter to us and we handle all work. We’ve maintained a superior rating since we’ve been in business and we plan to continue the long family tradition for many years to come. Durability, affordability and the absolute utmost attention to fine intricacies that lead to an amazing turnout.

Long Island’s number one choice for all residential and Commercial concrete needs. Whether you have a driveway that has cracks I need simple repair work, or needs complete replacement type of help, We Are one phone call away. We are here to add major value for your home.We can also discuss implementing perfectly aligned and crafted pieces of concrete that lead to your fine Outdoor Living Spaces, walkways, retaining walls, pool decks and more. We have the capacity to tackle major projects and especially your desires do you have a specific design intact. Stamped concrete Long Island is amongst our top performed projects, and is heavily requested upon you. Let’s bring your Concrete Long Island Solutions at your convenience. 

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Installing, replacing and repairing driveways of all size, shapes, dimensions. We do not discriminate and are ready to help you get the driveway you dream of within one week! We work extremely fast, diligently and are extremely neat. We pride ourselves on developing meaningful rapport with our customers and we are very eager to learn more about your needs and your dream project. Do you have a cracked walkway, stoop or sidewalk. If you are in need of sidewalk repair long island, be sure to inquire. Sidewalk violations are commonly prevalent in commercial spaces and it is imperative to move quickly, get the job done extremely quick and get amazing prices. Your ideal retaining wall solution can be a thing of beauty. Whether you need it for stability, control purposes or erosion this is absolutely the best thing you can do to maintain the health, Safety and Security of your home and belongings. 

If you would simply like to have a natural break and perfectly pressed a beautiful wall that is heavily tuned with the landscape of your property, we are the ones you call. Pool decks with concrete can be an incredible addition that will unlock your peace of mind for the long term. Are you interested in long lasting results at great prices? It doesn’t get any better than this here. Long Island Concrete Company offers you the opportunity to choose your option for any and every preference. Your in-ground pool is in great company when you allow us to install this. Concrete foundation contractors Long Island NY will set the tone by laying the essential foundation you’re in need of. We also do epoxy flooring and are very adept when it comes to your garage. We are able to work with your Builder as well to ensure that everyone is on the same page here.

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There is a reason why we are referred to as the best Long Island concrete near me company and we are ready to show you why. We are ready to bring our experienced professionals to offer you incredible and immense value at amazing prices. We also have the human capital to handle parking lot concrete needs. You can count on us to get the job done in a timely fashion and will work with your sign means. We come to work well prepared every single day. Our men always show up on time and always leave your property very neatly.

Would you like a concrete slab? If you are looking to change the appeal and appearance of certain areas of your home, concrete slabs can be a great addition to the table. Choosing a concrete contractor in your area that abides by the company’s mission statement and brings it ready to deliver the absolute best work on a daily basis is incredibly valuable and we are here to deliver top of the line work.

High-level concrete can be utilized in so many facets of life and it is a truly beautiful type of material that can be incredibly durable and aesthetically pleasing. We are your local, family owned and operated company that has tons of experience under our belt and the benefits are truly in your favor when you hire us. We are available at the drop of a hat to schedule your free estimate within 24 hours. We are here by popular demand and only work with the finest suppliers in the area that deliver the best concrete work and graded materials at our convenience. Get ready for an amazing turnout.